Trial Technology

The attorneys at Ben-Cohen Lawyers are armed with the very latest advanced trial technology to ensure the absolute success of your case. Our trial technology can shed further light on your personal injury incident by providing a visual representation that can reach the jury in a different way. In personal injury cases, it is important to provide various perspectives of the incident and to make the individuals in the jury not only logically understand the various factors at hand, but to visualize them as well. This encourages better comprehension of the case as well as the necessary empathy for you as the victim. Using sophisticated graphics, we can reconstruct the accident to demonstrate the full extent of the damages that occurred and affirm the culpability of the defense. Our trial technology will further bolster your case by supplementing the testimony of expert witnesses, who can make great contributions to your argument by offering their informed opinion on the matter using their authority in their technical field. We can use animation or physical reproductions to reconstruct the trauma of incidents such as car accidents, burn injuries, and spinal cord injuries. Timelines and storyboards can show the unfolding of events in various cases including those concerning employment law. Illustrations can thoroughly exhibit the injuries that occurred in violent occurences like dog attacks. Charts and graphs can be utilized to show the devastating expenses of medical bills incurred after the trauma of medical malpractice errors. Our various techniques will strengthen your argument and prove to be indispensible for your case.